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OK, You Have a Smart Retirement Plan. But Are You Aging Wisely?

As March springs forward, I’m heartened by the thawing of winter. Even with occasional gray days and cold rain, I welcome the crocuses and daffodils awakening, eagerly poking out of the soil. Spring also enlivens me inside. I feel my spirit renewing as the days lengthen; the added light of early morning walks with my dog

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The Good Wordleby Hudson Cooper There are many puzzles that are comprised of words and letters. Crossword puzzles, Jumbles, word search, and Boggle to name a few. However, the one that has become part of my morning ritual is Wordle. I remember first seeing postings   on Facebook of some completed results that looked akin to

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Don’t Go on that Job Interview…Yet

BEING PREPARED TAKES MORE TIME THAN YOU THINK. A LOT MORE.   Scott Passeser Like many of us, you may be in a job-hunting mode these days. So imagine you wake up Monday morning and check your email. A company wants to interview you! You break into your happy dance but…you still have work to do to

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Attention Job Hunters: You’re Not Quite Done!

WITH UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS OF UNEMPLOYMENT THESE DAYS, JOB HUNTING HAS GOTTEN MUCH MORE DIFFICULT Scott Passeser  Originally published as a column in Long Island Business News  November 20-26, 2020    There are more candidates for fewer jobs, and that puts the onus of standing out squarely on the shoulders of the job hunter. Even though we know networking is

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Net Gain

A COMMITMENT TO TENNIS EXCELLENCE, LATER IN LIFE. MUCH LATER. MJ Hanley-Goff After spending most of four decades as a magazine editor –the last seven years as editor of The New York Times Magazine—Gerald Marzorati now devotes himself to a decidedly different, but unquestionably demanding, life of “service”—as in, being a “better than amateur, but

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Recycling Youth

BIKING ACROSS COUNTRY AT 16. THEN AT 60. AND 65. Stephen Jones When I was 16, I took a bike trip across the country, riding from New Jersey to San Francisco with a friend in 54 days. We had ridden up to Martha’s Vineyard a couple of years earlier and we thought this would be

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Turning the Everyday Rut into an Adventure Every Day

LIVING OVERSEAS HAS ITS ESCAPADES, PERKS & CHALLENGES James Durston “If everyone knew how great being an expat was, there’d be no one left at home.” Those are the words of a friend, former housemate and fugitive whom I met while we were both living in an ant-infested gecko-shelter that doubled as our apartment in

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The Longevity Challenge

IS PLANNING TO AGE 100 ENOUGH? Ronald W. Rogé SEVERAL MONTHS AGO, I was sitting in my dentist’s waiting room and spotted the cover of a National Geographic magazine, which said:THIS BABY WILL LIVE TO BE 120**It’s not hype. New science could lead to very long lives. That future does not appear far off. Recently,

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When Your Heart Is in Your Dream

MY 60-YEAR QUEST TO BECOME A NOVELIST Patricia King AS YOU READ THIS, YOU WILL HAVE A HARD TIME FIGURING OUT IF I AM BRAGGING OR COMPLAINING. I will tell you at the end. Please don’t skip ahead. When I was nine years old, I decided to become a novelist. There were no such people

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The Power of Iguassu Falls

A JOURNEY INTO THE DEVIL’S THROAT Paula Ann Murphy OUR SHIP ARRIVED EARLY as the fog rose in Paranagua, Brazil.  After hiking in the mist, we rode to the Curituba airport and boarded a chartered aircraft destined for Iguassu Falls.  The falls are on the Parana, a river that separates Brazil from Argentina in a

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What the Fisherman Taught the Banker

A PARABLE FOR PEOPLE OUR AGE–AND THESE TIMES Ronald W. Rogé REMEMBER THE MOVIE, “The French Connection”?  It was on TV the other day and I noticed it came out in 1971. I did some quick math and realized that was over 40 years ago. I mentioned it to my wife, Rosanne, and she said

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