Our towns — the heart of our past, the hope of the future

Stash the Trash

Stash the Trashby Hudson Cooper In 1968 Stanley Kubrick released the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is a futuristic look at space travel, computers and the existence of alien life on other planets. Ironically as NASA puts rovers on Mars and eventually establishes astronauts on the surface, we will become the alien life forms.

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My Father’s House

By Ronald E. Roel (Originally published in Newsday on June 15, 2000) EACH YEAR around Father’s Day, as the heat thickens and the mountain laurel burst into bloom, my mind floods with memories of my father, gone seven years now. Like every generation of sons—especially as they become fathers themselves—I wander back through the collection

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Those Other People

FINDING CALM WITHIN AMERICA’S DEMOGRAPHIC STORM Ken Taub I know, I know. Who listens? Besides, we are shouting at each other. We are anxious, jittery, uncertain. We are more than merely disgruntled, we are angry, fearful. Still, I will give it a go. Because I want to tell you something. I want to tell you,

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Do Boomers Have the Guts—and Wisdom— To Course-Correct Our Nation?

MAKING GRAY THE NEW GREEN Ken Dychtwald EACH DAY, ANOTHER 10,000 BABY BOOMERS TURN 65. BORN IN 1950, I’M A MEMBER OF THIS COHORT. As we migrate into elderhood, our huge numbers and influence will transform America into a “gerontocracy.” And the growing costs of our anticipated illnesses and entitlements will further strain our economy.

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From Coffeehouse to New, Improved Community

TURNING INADVERTENT ACTIVISM INTOAN UPDATED DOWNTOWN David Sabatino I came to community organizing inadvertently. As a young man, I was more aware than most people about what was going on in my local government, but I was never an active citizen. Later, when I was in graduate school, learning about urban planning, I began examining

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Making the Most of our ‘Longevity Bonus’

HOW THE GREATER PHOENIX AGE-FRIENDLY NETWORKEXPANDS RESOURCES, TRAINING & SHARING Amy St. Peter During the Great Recession a few years ago, the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) came to a stark conclusion: If the region were to improve the quality of life for residents in the greater Phoenix area, we had to make some hard

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His Neighbors’ Keeper

THE SPECIAL STRENGTH TO PLACE AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY ON YOUR SHOULDERS Ken Taub How do we measure a healthy heart?  By how generously it pumps. People are known to help out individual strangers now and again.  Whatever the frequency, it is always significant.  So how significant is it when a person lifts up an entire

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Creating a Community for All Ages

RESPECT DIVERSITY, AND YOUR PROGRAMS WILL DELIVER UNITY Michael I. Udine When I came to Parkland  17 years ago, this small Floridian city was known as a great place to raise a family. I had grown up in the area so I knew about the city’s schools, its pristine stucco and stone homes, and tourist-attracting

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