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Navigating Job Opportunities during ‘The Great Resignation’


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It’s called “The Great Resignation.” Amid the anxiety and unpredictability of the ongoing pandemic, more than 4 million Americans have been quitting their jobs every month—some searching for better opportunities, others just leaving the workforce entirely. The exodus of workers has left millions of jobs unfilled, creating operational challenges for many companies. And while workers across age groups are leaving their companies, resignation rates, somewhat surprisingly, are highest among mid-career employees. What’s going on? And what does it mean to those leaving jobs and looking for new jobs, careers or lifestyles? In today’s episode, we sort out all these issues with Scott Passeser, a widely recognized staffing expert, executive recruiter, and radio show host, who’s seen his share of tumultuous changes in the job market over more than 25 years. Scott will talk about the various factors motivating workers, from the desire for a better work/life balance, to the search for more fulfilling jobs—at least better wages, benefits and workplace environment. He’ll explain the opportunities that the pandemic has unexpectedly opened up for workers, but also the potential hazards of leapfrogging to new jobs—as well as the ways to get a better job—without having to leave your company. The host of the weekly radio show, Radio Jobline (LInewsradio.com), Scott will offer his observations—and solutions—to the latest strategies for job-hunting, which remains a challenging endeavor, as companies struggle with understaffed HR departments and jobseekers deal with the frustrations of being “ghosted” by companies, made to feel invisible by hiring personnel and processes that never acknowledge them.

Guest description:

Scott Passeser is Senior Vice President of Executive Alliance, a national recruiting firm. He has been in the staffing business for more than 25 years and currently is charged with developing new markets for Executive Alliance, as well as providing services to the engineering, manufacturing, and hospitality sectors. A recognized innovator in the staffing field, Scott created and hosted News 12 Long Island’s “Jobline” weekly TV show for more than 24 years and today he continues as host of “Jobline” on LI News Radio (103.9 FM / www.LInewsradio.com). Scott has written frequently about navigating the job market, and his articles have appeared the Wall Street Journal’s National Business Employment Weekly, Newsday, and the Long Island Business News. He has also taught job-hunting techniques to students as an adjunct professor at Hofstra University.

Contact: scott@execsallied.com

Linked In: Linkedin.com/in/scottpasseser

Twitter: @scottpasseser

Instagram: @radiojobline

To listen to Scott’s latest show on “Radio Job Line with Scott Passeser,” go to 103.9 FM or click on https://linewsradio.com/lifestyle-saturdays/radio-jobline

You can also find Scott’s previous Radio Job Line shows on www.Soundcloud.com

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