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Planning a Longer Lifespan with Multiple Careers in Mind


Episode description:

Navigating one’s career all the way through to retirement can be challenging and unpredictable—but also rewarding and inspiring, given the many societal shifts we’re facing these days. Industries are undergoing rapid change across continents; companies and their employees are choosing new models of hybrid work schedules; artificial intelligence and other is revolutionizing jobs and tasks across the economy. And as human longevity continues to increase, so, too, does the likelihood that we will have multiple careers across our lifetime. In today’s episode, Lisa Strahs-Lorenc, a career counseling expert and the owner of Go Career Compass, talks about how people can traverse a journey of careers that often shift dramatically as we move from our 40s to our 60s—and beyond. The author of the recently published “Career Journeys from the Ground Up,” Lisa will offer a compendium of vivid stories from her book and will be joined by one of the book’s participants, Les Wolff, owner of Les Wolff Sports, who will relate his own personal journey. Lisa, who is making her third appearance on 45 Forward,  also will provide advice on how to learn from others’ experiences, as well as your own mistakes and misdirection, and how to transfer your skills and interests to make the career transition you’re looking for. Career experts stress that we should “do what we love, and we will love what we do.” Finding that path, however, is not always so easy, but Lisa’s goal is to guide you along the way—no matter what your age.

Guest description:

Lisa Strahs-Lorenc is the author of the recently published “Career Journeys from the Ground Up,” and President of Go Career Compass, a career consulting firm whose mission is to help others find their direction, connections and passion for their next careers. Originally intent on pursuing a career in early childhood education, Lisa decided to earn a Master’s degree with a specialization in career counseling because of her own challenges not finding a job in her chosen field. She quickly learned how to transfer her skills to a number of industries, including nonprofit organizations, software development, personnel and education. Over the span of more than 25 years, Lisa assembled a unique resume of workforce development experiences, including serving as Director of Educational Programs, Marketing and Community Relations for the Long Island Works Coalition, a regional initiative to bridge the gap between business and the educational community. She also worked as a career counselor for Suffolk County Community College, the Sanford-Brown Institute and in continuing education programs of several school districts. At Go Career Compass, Lisa continues to conduct many workshops and interactive courses such as “The Road Less Traveled,” and “How Do You Stand Out?” aimed at helping people set a direction that can change their lives, whether they’re a recent college graduate, an unemployed job-seeker, or established employee looking to explore a more fulfilling career.

Websites: www.gocareercompass.com


Contact: lisa@gocareercompass.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lisa.strahslorenc.39

Linked In: linkedin.com/in/lisa-strahs-lorenc
Twitter: @StrahsLorenc

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