February 20, 2023

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 ‘Whealthspan’: A New Investment Strategy Linking Health & Wealth


Episode description:  

As we plan for the later chapters of life, many of us have two major concerns: Will we have enough savings to last through our later years? And will we be healthy enough to enjoy the increased longevity afforded to older adults these days? In today’s episode, renowned longevity authority and proactive aging educator Scott Fulton offers an innovative strategy to linking wealth and health, an approach he calls “Whealthspan.” Scott points out that as we age, our health is really the ultimate wealth—that which enables us to extend our longevity.  Quality time is what we seek as we age, and time is also what we must invest in our earlier years to plan for healthy longevity. Today’s episode is the third of a series of  45 Forward conversations with Scott, which he calls “Extending Your Best Before Date,” aimed at exploring lifestyle choices, strategies and changes we can make to extend a healthier lifespan. Scott will talk about how we can leverage proven financial principles into our mindset of personal health and longevity. He’ll examine an array of established financial strategies, such as investing for the long term, understanding your risk tolerance, diversifying your assets, and reviewing rebalancing your portfolio—and demonstrate how we can apply these principles to invest in healthy longevity. Scott is passionate around the tremendous opportunity to increase life expectancy through the power of public education, and his unique investment approach to health is something we wish we had learned in school.

Guest description:

Scott Fulton is a nationally recognized longevity authority and healthy aging advocate. A researcher, innovator, entrepreneur and pragmatic engineer, Scott is known for outside-the-box approaches to solve big challenges. He brings an uncommon systems mindset to aging and believes that most of us could easily add 10 healthy years to life, just by internalizing the “healthspan” opportunity within our reach today. As President of Home Ideations LLC, an education and consulting company, Scott takes a virtual hands-on approach to residential Universal Design, specializing in high functioning, aesthetically appealing, livability upgrades desirable to all ages and abilities. His firm works with clients across the US and Canada. Scott is founder of the Longevity Advantage and Whealthspan health education platforms. He is Chair of the National Aging in Place Council; teaches at the University of Virginia and University of Delaware campuses; and is an active member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. An engineering technology graduate of St. Lawrence College, Scott has served in a broad range of corporate roles, from researcher to plant manager.


Contact: scottf@homeideations.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scott.fultonio

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottfultonentrepreneur/


For more information about Scott’s work, visit his websites:




Numerous videos available on the  Longevity Advantage YouTube channel


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