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Eldercare 2021: A Holistic Approach to Caring for Your Parents

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many adults have to take care of their own young families, but they’re called in to address the complex, evolving needs of their parents as they enter the later chapters of life. There’s so much to handle: pragmatic concerns like elder law and estate planning, health care documents, asset protection, care coordination, not to mention the emotionally-charged concerns of parents and adult children dealing with the reversal of their traditional roles. In today’s conversation, Brian Tully, a widely recognized elder law attorney, and Iris Waichler, an experienced patient advocate and award-winning author, offer a unique opportunity to hear their combined perspectives on these pressing topics. Together, Brian and Iris will provide a valuable insights, solutions and resources for creating a holistic care planning approach, tackling thorny tasks like caregiver conversations with family members and coordination of long-term term care. Caring for loved ones is unquestionably rewarding, but it also can be overwhelming and isolating— sometimes leading to burnout.  Brian and Iris present a vision of caregiving that stresses the value of a supportive team of family members, health care and social service providers, financial and elder law experts. The challenges may be daunting, but you’re not alone.

Guest description:

Brian Andrew Tully is a Certified Elder Law Attorney and founder of the Tully Law Group PC. Specializing in elder care law and estate planning since 1998, Brian was inspired by his own family’s caregiving and aging challenges and entered the field of elder law right after law school. His mission is to help older people get the best care,  while also protecting the most assets possible and ensuring peace of mind as they age. Tully Law Group offers a comprehensive service called Life Care Planning, which combines asset protection, Medicaid planning and applications, care coordination, advocacy and crisis intervention. The firm also provides traditional elder law, estate planning, special needs planning, probate and trust administration services. Brian is a member of several national and state elder law organizations and has been named to the Metro New York SuperLawyers list every year since 2011.

Iris Waichler has been a widely recognized patient advocate and licensed clinical social worker,  for more than 40 years. Her latest book, How to Care of Yourself and Your Aging Parents, which won eight major awards, was inspired by the experience of taking care of her own father until he died at age 97. Based in Chicago, her long-term hospital work gave her insights into how overwhelming it was for patients and families who suddenly found in a hospital feeling helpless and alone—and prompted her to write her first book, Patient Power: How to Have a Say in Your Hospital Stay. She has conducted many workshops, individual and group counseling sessions with people experiencing catastrophic illnesses. Iris also has been a freelance writer for two decades, producing hundreds of articles on health-related topics in publications such as Redbook, Parade and Next Avenue Magazines.

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