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Bridging Generations to Solve Society’s Greatest Challenges

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For the first time in U.S. history, people over 60 outnumber people under 18, raising fears of a widening generational divide. But sees things differently. It believes that the aging of America isn’t so much of a problem as it is an opportunity to be seized. In this episode, Eunice Lin Nichols, Encore’s dynamic VP for Innovation, talks about how her organization is working to change our culture of age segregation, building a movement to make intergenerational collaboration the norm. Eunice will spell out what it means to live “Gen2Gen,” and how to take part in the “encore career” movement, joining people age 50 and up who are committed to using their experiences to create second acts for the greater good. She’ll explain the inspiring histories of the Purpose Prize, Experience Corps and Encore Fellowships; and offer stories and examples of intergenerational solutions to pressing social problems: the housing crisis facing both young and old; the epidemic of loneliness across generations; the co-location of childcare and eldercare centers; and the need for co-generational leadership in the workforce--to name a few. How can you participate in the encore movement? Find out about the Encore Network, and what you can do to join a coalition of leaders and organizations across the country to create a better future for all. 

Guest description:

Eunice Lin Nichols is Vice President for Innovation at, a nonprofit dedicated to bridging divides, bringing older and younger generations together to solve society’s greatest challenges. Eunice has been a leader in the Encore movement for 20 years, heading the team that launched Generation to Generation (Gen2Gen), an initiative to mobilize 1 million adults 50+ to help young people thrive. Previously, Eunice led The Purpose Prize (now a program of AARP), which has awarded over $5 million in prizes to nearly 100 social entrepreneurs over the age of 60 since 2006. She also spent 11 years leading a portfolio of statewide encore initiatives for Aspiranet, one of California’s largest and most successful social service organizations, expanding the social contributions of older adults, including scaling Experience Corps from one neighborhood school in San Francisco into a thriving Bay Area program. She also launched a series of initiatives that placed encore career-seekers in direct service, coordination and executive-level roles. Eunice has been recognized as a Next Avenue Influencer in Aging and is a graduate of the inaugural class of the Billions Institute Fellowship for Large-Scale Change. In 2019, she received the James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award for advancing innovative and effective solutions to California’s most significant issues.


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