November 1, 2022

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The Braver Angels Story: Finding Ways to Unite a Polarized Nation


Episode description:  

On the cusp of what many observers are calling one of the most important mid-term elections in decades, we’re bombarded every day with political advertising for both Democrats and Republicans, each side lambasting the other as a danger to our safety, our economic future and freedoms—our very way of life. Americans are more polarized than ever, and we don’t seem to change much as we get older. But in today’s episode, Ciaran O’Connor, a leading member of Braver Angels, tells the story of how this organization came together after the 2016 election with a bold mission: to bridge the partisan divide, bring Americans together and strengthen our democratic republic. The determined group of founders wanted to see if we, the people, could still disagree respectfully—and just maybe, find common ground. They reject the normalization of extreme polarization, saying no to the breakdown of political and social life that it causes. Today, Ciaran will talk about how Braver Angels has worked to rebuild civic trust and heal the wounds between left and right. He’ll describe the organization’s local alliances, its workshops, one-on-one conversations, town halls podcasts and other events across the country. And he’ll talk about how each of us can join the efforts of a network of volunteers to help bring Americans together, bridge our differences and continue to build a more perfect union.

Guest description:

Ciaran O'Connor is a writer, speaker, and activist working to bring Americans together across the political divide. He currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Braver Angels, a national, grassroots non-profit dedicated to bringing conservatives and progressives together in communities, on college campuses, in the media, and in the halls of political power.

As CMO, Ciaran leads marketing, communications, and digital strategy for Braver Angels; hosts a weekly political podcast; and speaks at conferences, conventions, and universities across the country. (Watch Ciaran's TEDx: "How to Talk Politics When You Disagree".) Ciaran previously served as a communications staffer on the 2012 Obama and 2016 Clinton campaigns and worked as a political consultant at Precision Strategies. He is a graduate of Duke University and currently lives in New York City.



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