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The Caregiver’s Toolbox: New Resources for Quality Home Care


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Growing up in Concord, Mass., Ryan McEniff went off to college in Rhode Island, where he studied business administration, and then headed west to Colorado to enjoy the sunshine, skiing, and the great outdoors. But in 2011 his plans suddenly changed.  After his mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, he moved to Florida to support her during her last few months of life. It was through that experience that he ultimately decided to fulfill his dream of becoming a business owner by taking over a home care company,  helping families in the same way that others had helped him and my parents. In today’s episode, Ryan describes  his 10-year journey in becoming a passionate advocate for seniors, building one of the premier home care providers in his region, and creating the widely recognized podcast, “The Caregiver’s Toolbox.” Ryan will talk about what families should look for in home care services, including new ways that technology is being implemented to improve the level of care, lower costs and make home care more affordable. He’ll highlight some of the latest tech innovations, such as remote monitoring systems that not only provide fall detection alerts, but customize analytics to improve care plans. And Ryan will discuss his involvement and advocacy in multiple associations where the core mission is to educate families on their options regarding aging in place, providing “actionable information” and resources to ensure exceptional home care with proper support, safety and dignity.

Guest description:

Ryan McEniff is the Owner of Minute Women Home Care, a leading Massachusetts-based home-care provider, and producer of The Caregiver’s Toolbox podcast. Ryan is a passionate advocate for seniors, offering his broad expertise and insights to help older adults stay in their own home as they age.  He is an investor in WellAware Care, an innovative provider of remote caregiver systems that offer effective and efficient care of elders—giving caregivers peace of mind their loved one is safe, while enabling  them to assist when needed and take back their lives. Ryan is also a sought-after speaker, whose topics include senior care,  sales & marketing and productivity. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys spearfishing and snowboarding.

Contact: ryan@mwhomecare.com

   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MWHC1969/

   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanmceniff/

            The Caregiver’s Toolbox podcast: https://mwhomecare.com/podcasts/

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