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Looking for a Specialist to Help Mom or Dad Secure Medicaid?


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As we get older, the odds that any of us will need some type of long-term care grows dramatically. In fact, for someone is turning 65 today, there’s almost a 70 percent chance they will need at least a few years of long-term care services and supports in their remaining years. But finding the right kinds of care—and ways to afford  it—can be a formidable task. Long-term care options are often complicated and expensive, and can arise suddenly, through an unexpected health crisis. Increasingly, many average American families are turning to support from Medicaid—but qualifying for these programs can still be complex, stressful and confusing.  In today’s episode, Guido Derlly, the Founder and Emics Elder Care talks about his mission to help people understand their long-term care options and guide them through each step of the Medicaid application process. A Certified Medicaid Planner, Guido will explain how he works with families to plan an elder’s finances so they can obtain Medicaid benefits that will help secure the best personalized options for at-home care, long-term custodial care agency or a skilled nursing care facility. Guido will outline the basics of Medicaid eligibility, including recent regulatory changes, and he’ll dismantle some common misconceptions, lack of information and fears about Medicaid. Guido will explain ways to restructure and reorganize assets, using trusts and other financial strategies that allow families to hold on to some of their legacy—you don’t have to be destitute to qualify—and under certain circumstances, enable your loved ones to receive home-care treatments at no cost before they are approved for Medicaid.  More broadly, Guido will talk about his role as an advocate for the vulnerable elderly, working with other professionals to raise awareness about programs, ensuring that families get connected to care as soon as possible—and know that they don’t have to climb this challenging mountain alone.

Guest description:

Guido Derlly is the Founder of Emics Elder Care, a Certified Medicaid Planner & Senior Advocate firm, focused on connecting people to long-term care while accessing a variety of programs that help pay for it. Emics offers an interdisciplinary team of professionals with decades of experience, helping seniors age with dignity by shepherding an often complex and frustrating process for most families and seniors at the most vulnerable times of their lives. Emics Elder Care helps to respond to most legal, financial, and elder care planning challenges that come with aging and chronic illness.  Guido lives on Long Island, New York, and is a proud father of four children and devoted husband to his wife Jenny, since 1993.

Contact: guido.derlly@emicseldercare.com

   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guido.derlly

   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/guido-derlly-89ab1320/

   Twitter: @emicseldercare

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