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After the Pandemic: Can We Redesign a Hybrid Office for Everyone?


Episode Description:

For many decades, the words “work” and “office” were virtually synonymous. But after two years of COVID-induced remote and hybrid work, one thing seems abundantly clear: The future of work is likely to be very different from the past. Many organizations are struggling to get employees back to the office, after millions of workers left their jobs—some laid off, but many others looking for higher paying, more fulfilling jobs, as well a more flexible, balanced lifestyle. In today’s episode, Professor Lynda Gratton, a renowned thought-leader and consultant on the future of work, talks about “what is undoubtedly the greatest global shift in work for a century.” Even as many of us enter the second half of our working lives, is there a chance to radically redesign the way we work? In her recently published book, “Redesigning Work,” Lynda Gratton uses her 30 years of research into the technological, demographic, cultural and social trends shaping work to present an innovative framework to help make hybrid work policies work for everyone. In today’s conversation Lynda will examine several key questions facing hybrid work redesign. How do organizations design ways to boost both creativity and productivity, while also providing the flexibility people crave? How do we determine when it’s better for employees to work face-to-face, and when is productivity actually enhanced through virtual design? And how do we create hybrid environments that work well for a range of employees—and that people feel is fair and equitable over the longer term?  Lynda, who founded London-based HSM Advisory over a decade ago, will also offer several prominent examples of forward-looking organizations that are successfully navigating the journey to redesign work that is more engaging, flexible and ultimately more productive.

Featured Guest:

Lynda Gratton is considered one of the foremost global thought-leaders on the future of work, named among the top 15 business thinkers by “Business Thinkers 50” and described as a “rock star” teacher. Lynda is Professor of Management Practice at London Business School, where she received the “teacher of the year” award and designed and directs “the future of work” elective, one of the school’s most popular electives. Her research on hybrid work was featured as the cover article for the Harvard Business Review in May 2021 and she explores issues of work in her MIT Sloan column. Over a decade ago, Lynda founded HSM-Advisory, which has supported more than 90 companies around the world to “future-proof” their business strategy. Her ten books, including “The 100-Year Life,” have sold over a million copies and been translated into more than 15 languages. Lynda serves as a Fellow of the World Economic Forum and co-chairs the WEF Council on Work, Wages and Job Creation. Lynda has sat on the advisory board of Japan’s Prime Minister Abe and serves on the advisory board of a number of global companies. She lives in London. 

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