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In Today’s Anxiety Society, How Can Alleviate Stress and Trauma?


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We may be recovering—slowly, tentatively—from this long pandemic, as the number of COVID cases decrease, masking requirements are relaxed, and in-person meetings cautiously resume. But there’s little sense of comfort in this “New Normal.” There seems to be pervasive feelings of stress, anxiety, trauma and depression that continue to linger. In part, we’re still grieving the losses inflicted by the last two-plus years—and we’re worried that new COVID variants may cause new spikes in infections and another round of mandates. On top of all that, we’re nervous about inflation, a possible recession, the growing war in Ukraine, and troubling political and social division in our own country. How do we cope with our Anxiety Society? How do we find ways to manage and alleviate what increasingly feels like overwhelming stress? In today’s episode, Bill Solz, the director of Stress Solutions of New York, talks about his long career exploring ways to help people who are in emotional pain through quicker-healing approaches. Bill’s journey has given him many perspectives: as a teacher, childcare worker, university professor, social worker in both public and private schools, and now a  licensed clinical social worker with multiple credentials, including certification in anger management and domestic violence. Bill will talk about how he works with individuals and families in promoting stress reduction and addressing trauma and addictions. He’ll explain various treatment approaches he uses to provide quick symptom relief and comprehensive healing—among them  alternative therapy techniques such as Havening and the Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy. And, at a time when many of us feel pressured to move on in our fast-paced culture, despite traumatic setbacks, Bill will discuss his work as an advanced grief recovery specialist, leading a support group that incorporates treatment as well.

Guest description:

Bill Solz has been the director of Stress Solutions of New York, now located in Melville, Long Island, for the past 37 years. He is a licensed clinical social worker and credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselor who was recognized by the National Association of Social Work’s “Social Worker of the Year for Nassau County for 2013.” He is also certified in both anger management and domestic violence. He works with children, adolescents, and their families, specializing in promoting stress reduction, addressing addictions, trauma, and parenting concerns. Bill utilizes several different treatment modalities to afford his clients quick symptom relief and comprehensive healing, among them  Havening and the Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy. He also offers court- approved programs in terms of DWI, anger management, and domestic violence. In addition, he is an advanced certified grief recovery specialist and leads a support group that also incorporates a treatment component as well. During the course of his career, Bill was a former school social worker of 26 years in both public and parochial school settings, as well as an adjunct professor at Adelphi University’s School of Social Work. Prior to those positions, he worked as a teacher and childcare worker.




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