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Ok, We Got Through Covid. But Are We Ready for the Next Crisis?


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After two trying years, we appear to be making a fitful transition from a tumultuous pandemic to an almost normal endemic—at least for now. But what lessons have we really learned from this crisis? Do we have effective strategies to recover from the continuing impact on public health, or the economic and social disruption caused by COVID—especially as we get older and more vulnerable? Are we better prepared to handle future crises, whether natural disasters or man-made political conflicts now roiling across the world? In today’s episode, Linda Fostek, a best-selling author and crisis planning consultant, and Donald Patane, a veteran financial advisor, offer their collective wisdom on how to prepare for potential crises, as well as recover from them when they unavoidably land on us. Linda is the creator of a comprehensive crisis planning guide designed to help people protect their homes and loved ones from a range of disasters, from violent storms to cyber fraud. She helps families assemble customized “In Case of Emergency” toolkits to deal with the challenging “What ifs?” in life—and stop worrying about them. Don specializes in long-term financial planning for everyone from young newlyweds to older retirees, who now face the sudden impact of inflation. Often referring to himself as  “a financial doctor who does house calls,” Don will talk about how he works with a network of professionals to help families create strategies to address needs (and potential crises) through every stage of life, from general investment and college planning to life insurance, long-term care and funeral pre-planning. And beyond individual preparedness, Linda and Don will talk also about how communities can come together in times of crisis, providing needed support recovery processes that often take longer than we ever thought.

Guest descriptions:

Linda Fostek is a best-selling author, international speaker, and crisis planning consultant. Carrying on her late father’s legacy, Linda helps people facilitate recovery, avoid conflict and control chaos in the face of personal and natural disasters. She is the author of several books, including And Now What? and The Crisis Planner HOME System, and is the host of The Linda Fostek Show—Get off the Worry-Go-Round on the Bold Brave Media network. Linda is a member of The One Philosophy Founders Circle and Awakening GIANTS mission for global transformation; a founding board member of The Caregivers Resource Network; and a member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for Suffolk County, N.Y. Linda has appeared on numerous local TV, radio shows and podcasts, and has made stage presentations in India, England, and Cuba. She is also creator of The Science Labs, a learning program for young children, designed to cultivate imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills that can make the world a better place—now and in the future.

Donald Patane is a financial advisor and one of the founders of Main Street Financial Group. For more than 20 years, Don has been helping clients become financially secure through different phases of life, focusing on their personal goals, objectives and risk tolerances to achieve a level of comfort, regardless of economic and financial conditions. With licenses to conduct transactions in the securities/investment industry, as well as in the life and health insurance fields, he helps clients with life insurance, disability and long-term care insurances, retirement planning, college planning and general investments. With offices in Levittown and Kings Park, Long Island, Don also refers to himself as a “Financial Doctor” who makes house calls. He is a member of several groups whose goal is to help seniors, including the National Aging In Place Council, Senior Umbrella Networks of Nassau, Queens and Suffolk, and Gerontology Professionals of New York. Don is also on the board of directors of the Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce, a board member of the YES Community Counseling Center, and a member of his local Kiwanis and Lions Clubs. He is an ex-Navy Lieutenant and member of the American Legion.


Linda Fostek:


   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lfostek

   Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/linda-fostek-disaster-planner-9b8370a5/

Don Patane:


   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/donald.patane

   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-patane-cfs-74a2316/

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