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Are We There Yet?” How to Manage Impatience in Our Daily Lives


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Americans are a famously impatient people—young or old. Because achievement is so recognized and rewarded, many of us have become addicted to fast accomplishment and quick wins. We want to gain wealth or lose weight in 30 days. We press for change—faster, better, sooner—especially now, as we yearn to get past Covid and get back to normal life that feels like it’s taken too long. But impatience can often compound emotional stress and anxiety, impeding clear thinking and the resolution of tough problems. In today’s episode, psychologist, author and thought leader Dr. Andrea Gould-Marks talks not only about the virtues of patience, but how to cultivate the practical skills of patience-building. Andrea is the co-author of a series of short, use-friendly booklets she calls “Relief-lets”—guides designed to provide soothing guidance during these times of turmoil. In her newly published “Patience and Possibility,” she provides insights into the mindset of patience; the methodology of developing better relationships and listening skills though patience; and what she calls “the paradox of patience”—slowing down your system, which may seem to take you off track, but actually affords you the time and flexibility to make the choices needed to weather unpredictable circumstances. And, in moments of our frustration, Andrea offers some practical ways to manage our experiences of time, making choices as to how to spend it wisely, rather than chafing with impatience.

Guest description:

Dr. Andrea Gould-Marks is a licensed psychologist, entrepreneurial coach and seminar leader, based in the Tucson, Arizona area. Her work with groups and individuals provides creative guidance for people navigating life’s crossroads, both personally and professionally. With decades of expertise as a clinical and organizational psychologist, Andrea shares her skills and personal experiences to support the best of each of us in our relationships — the building blocks of a satisfying life. Her work in educational and business settings has shaped her multifaceted approach toward well-being, guiding clients toward well-integrated and purpose-filled lives. Along with her unique career as a therapist, Andrea is the Owner of Lucid Learning Systems and Co-founder of Boom Talk Media,  which just begins with podcasts and broadens into an array of other projects, including newly published booklets she calls “Relief-Lets.” Together with “BB” Peters, their mission, is “to inspire and nurture the human journey with insightful media as we undergo the effects of rapid personal and global change.”

Contact: andrea@boomtalkmedia.com



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