November 1, 2021

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Tired of Being Too Nice? Then Listen to the ‘Queen of Boundaries’

Episode description:  

Over the years, have you found yourself increasingly frustrated, saying “yes” to people just to keep them happy? Are you tired of hearing yourself described as a pushover or “too nice”? Or emotionally exhausted by the unreasonable demands of friends, family or co-workers? Well, then, it’s time you sat down and listened to life coach and best-selling author Michelle Elman, known as “The Queen of Boundaries” by her half-million social media followers. In today’s episode, Michelle, the author of the recently published “The Joy of Being Selfish,”  explains how upholding strong boundaries will teach others how to treat you, rid your life of drama and toxic relationships, and allow you to care for yourself in the best way possible. She provides guidance for people who have trouble saying “no” or who frequently find themselves on the receiving end of “emotional dumps”—when someone is transferring their unfiltered emotions on you. The creator of the  “In All Honesty” podcast, Michelle offers advice on what to do if you feel guilty after setting a boundary, as well as what we should do when our boundaries are crossed. She will also describe some of her acclaimed work as an influencer, including her notable “Scarred Not Scared campaign” to bring awareness to surgery scars and help women to embrace their bodies. And as we start to come out of the pandemic, Michelle will address the need to re-examine boundaries and perhaps set new ones, as people deal with different levels of comfort, concerns and socialization. Whatever your situation, she’ll provide a practical guide to help you take back your time, while maintaining your sense of safety and self-worth.

Guest description:

Michelle Elman is a five-board accredited life coach, host of the podcast “In All Honesty,” and author of the books, “Am I Ugly?”—named a “top read” by Cosmopolitanand most recently, "The Joy Of Being Selfish.” Best known for her campaign, “Scarred Not Scared,” she was named one of The Sun’s 50 most inspirational women in the United Kingdom last year. The founder of Mindset for Life, Michele has appeared on BBC Radio, Fox News, and NBC’s “Today Show,” as well as radio worldwide from Hong Kong to Los Angeles to Ireland. She also has been featured in Women’s HealthPeopleTeen Vogue, MTV, Buzzfeed, and the Huffington Post. A prolific public speaker, whose TedX talk “Have You Hated Your Body Enough Today?” has been viewed more than 60,000 times, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and lives in London. 

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