October 11, 2021

Listen to Ron's Interview with Kim Kuester

How to Make Sure Your Home is Safe to Age in Place


Episode description:  

Across the country, most older people say they want to “age in place,” living in their current home as long as possible. But the ability to remain in one’s own home and community — safely and independently — often requires modifications in their home as people move from their 60s into their 70s and 80s and beyond. Successful aging in place is best achieved with deliberate planning that includes both older family members and their caregivers, as well as professional experts like Kim Kuester. In today’s episode, Kim, the owner and president of 101 Mobility of Long Island and Queens, talks about one critical piece of aging in place: making sure that your loved ones’ home continues to have the appropriate design features that provide a safe and comfortable environment — particularly to prevent accidents and potentially life-threatening falls. Kim is dedicated to help people find the best accessibility solutions, big or small, to fit their needs. She and her team assess a family’s whole house, starting with getting in and out of the home, and moving from room to room. In today’s conversation, Kim, a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, will describe how she works with families to install various home modifications and adaptations, from bathtub cutouts and walk-in showers to wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, elevators, and widening of doorways—any and all means of accessibility. Ultimately, Kim’s goal is to ensure that families have peace of mind that they can age in place safely for as long as they wish to stay in their homes.

Guest description:  

Kim Kuester is the Owner and President of 101 Mobility of Long Island and Queens.

101 Mobility is an established national provider of accessibility and mobility equipment, with local service and support clients expect to ensure quality experiences. A Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, Kim is responsible for the day-to-day operations of her franchise, overseeing employees, marketing, sales, human resources, safety, training, licensing and the overall management of the business. Kim and her team are dedicated to helping customers find the best accessibility solutions for their needs. Solutions may be small home adaptations, such as a bathtub cutout or a walk-in shower; in other instances, they may provide safe entry and exiting to the home with a wheelchair ramp; in still other times a stair lift will bring family members up and down a flight of stairs. In addition to her strong experience as a business owner, Kim is an attorney, admitted to practice law in New York State.

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