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How to Plan (and Still Enjoy) Retirement Trips in a Time of COVID

Episode description:  

For many seniors, their retirement years mean a time when they eagerly look forward to doing whatever they want, whenever they want—and that often means seeing the world, unencumbered by work or family obligations. That plan, of course, was abruptly put on hold by Covid-19, which socially isolated most of us for months, and shuttered much of our economy, hitting the travel and hospitality industry especially hard. In recent months, life has returned—sort of—to normal, but this new normal is still filled with uncertainty and anxiety, as the pandemic has taken unexpected turns with the Delta variant and large portions of our population who remain unvaccinated. Clearly, we’re seeing a pent-up desire to travel, but how do we do so, when health requirements, government policies and industry protocols seem to change from week to week?

In today’s episode, Bruce Frankel, the President of The Mindful Traveler, tackles the many challenges facing the today’s traveler, offering a wealth of sound, pragmatic advice, the latest  technology, resources and information, and ways to plan rewarding vacations—while managing the inevitable things you DIDN’T plan for.

Bruce first entered the travel industry in 1989, but he brings a broad perspective to the field, with a career that has included running retail storefront businesses and home-based companies, as well as a 10-year stint in the corporate banking industry, specializing in marketing and management. He sees himself as a travel “consumer advocate,” working closely with clients to help them choose vacation options that are best for them—never mind what the reviewers and pundits say on social media. In today’s conversation, Bruce will outline key steps to being well-prepared for today’s shifting travel protocols, health and safety requirements, masks, testing and other documentation, whether going abroad or across the country. And he will talk about the latest consumer travel trends, from small, personalized “bubble groups,” to self-drive country tours and “city stays” that focus on one urban location, with day trips to other places

Whether his travelers are over-45 or under, Bruce’s ultimate goal is not simply to arrange trips, but help them fulfill dreams, creating unique, enduring experiences, wherever they may go.

Guest description:

Bruce Frankel is President of The Mindful Traveler, a professional consulting service designed to help people enhance their life experiences as well as plan meaningful vacations. A successful serial entrepreneur, Bruce has run retail storefront businesses, as well as home-based and Internet marketing companies. The Mindful Traveler offers a full range of travel options, including professionally guided tours, all-inclusive resorts, adventure and culinary tours, family and multi-generation vacations and faith-based tours. Prior to entering the travel agency business, Bruce had a 10-year corporate banking career where he excelled in marketing and management. He is a graduate of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. For the past 14 years he has been residing with his wife Kathi in Kernersville, North Carolina.


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