January 25, 2021

Listen to Ron's Interview with Dr. Andrea Gould-Marks

You Gotta Have Friends — All the Way Through Life

We celebrate friendship as one of the true joys—and necessities—of life, from our childhood through our elder years. But what does true friendship really mean, and how to we sustain it in our fast-paced and changing world — especially in these difficult times of social distancing and social unrest? Host Ron Roel and Dr. Andrea Gould-Marks, a clinical psychologist with decades of experience guiding people through relationships and life transitions, share wide-ranging thoughts about the many “nutritional values” and facets of friendship. How do we preserve and renew relationships with cherished old friends, and how do we find and develop dynamic new friendships as our lives and locations change? What are realistic expectations from different kinds of friendships — at work, at school, in our places of worship, and community? And how do we deal with loneliness —which experts say has become a has become an epidemic worldwide, despite the profusion of social media and technology?

Featured Guest: Dr Andrea Gould-Marks

contact: andreagouldphd@lucidlearning.com

Dr. Andrea Gould-Marks, a native New Yorker and now a Southwest resident, is a lifespan psychologist with decades of direct client experience in public and private practice. She is a published author and founder of Lucid Learning Systems, a consultancy for change, transition and mindfulness resources that harness the power of intentional growth. Chock full of insights into what makes people tick, Andrea shares her skills and personal experience to assist and support the best of us in our relationship to love and work, the essential building blocks of a satisfying life. Andrea’s work reaches deeply into the psyche, shedding a welcome light on tough dilemmas, providing relief from anxiety and confusion. With a heart for multigenerational audiences and a warm and wise style, she clarifies where we fit in this world, masterfully uncovering our sense of meaning, relevance and belonging. As a media psychologist and co-founder of Boom Talk Media, Andrea enjoys designing creative psycho-educational programs, enabling women and men to keep their personal development within easy reach.

Here is the link to Andrea’s article “The Fabric of Friendship”:

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