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Hudson Cooper: An Actor’s Profile in Career Courage

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When Hudson Cooper entered college, he majored in biology, intending to prepare for a career in medicine. But medicine wasn’t for him, so he went to law school. The practice of law wasn’t for him either, except for a diverting stint as an administrative law judge for the New York Taxi & Limousine Commission. Instead, Hudson decided to embark on a career taking on a series of  job  challenges with the equivalent risk somewhere between hang-gliding and bungee-jumping. In today’s episode, Hudson recounts how he launched his writing career: With exactly one published article to his name, he landed a job writing a book about baseball for young adults that went into 10 printings and led to another book about football, and eventually 11 other books. Then another leap of courage and confidence—as a stand-up comic. Serendipitously, an agent in the audience one night approached him and offered him a role in the Matthew Broderick version of Godzilla. From there he went on to a series of roles on TV shows like “Law and Order,” “Madame Secretary” and “Bull.” And once again in his latest chapter, he’s returned to writing, landing a job as a weekly newspaper columnist through his usual combination of persistence, resilience, risk-taking and readiness to act when unexpected opportunities arise.

Guest description:

Hudson Cooper is a professional actor and writer who has played different characters in several acclaimed and popular television series, including “Law & Order,” “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” and “Law & Order: Trial by Jury”; “Madame Secretary” and “Bull.”  Hudson’s early career was as a writer of sports books for young adults, beginning with baseball (Secrets of the Super Athletes: Baseball), which went into 10 printings and led to a similar book about football and eventually 11 other books. A stint as a stand-up comic landed him a role in a movie, which led to recurring roles on TV over the course of more than two decades. And recently, he resumed his writing career as a weekly columnist for the Sullivan County Democrat in upstate New York, with his distinctively wry view of contemporary American life and culture—everything but politics.


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