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The Longevity Challenge: How Not to Outlive Your Retirement Funds

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As we live longer and healthier lives, this question has become our biggest worry: How do we make sure we don’t outlive our retirement savings? Of course, it’s important to live our current life to the fullest—as we’ve learned from the sudden losses inflicted by the pandemic. But it’s also important to put together our best plan to meet the challenges, known and unknown, we’ll probably face in the later chapters of life. In today’s episode, Ronald Rogé, a widely recognized wealth manager and Certified Financial Planner, talks about how to create such a plan, starting with the key questions we all need to ask ourselves: How does our plan relate to our personal pursuit of happiness? What things are really important in our life, and what aren’t? And what do we want our legacy to be? Ron, the author of the incisive, yet down-to-earth book, The Banker and the Fisherman: Lessons in Life, Happiness & Wealth for the 21st Century, will take us through changing strategies for saving and investing during these volatile times, as well as the new rules of retirement planning we may need to explore as we move 45 Forward. Ron will also offer some lessons in “financial geriatrics,” what we should consider in “right-sizing” our senior lifestyle, planning for later-life health care needs, and the passing on of our estate. Ultimately, Ron notes, we should be calculating what it will take for us to live to 100. Will we make it? Who knows, but the odds are getting better all the time.

Guest description:

Ronald W. Rogé is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of R.W. Rogé & Company. A widely recognized fee-only wealth manager and Certified Financial Planner, Ron leads his team with big-picture thinking, investment strategy, business and marketing strategy, industry research. and economic outlooks. Over the last 15 years, he has been selected as a top wealth manager by several publications, including Bloomberg Wealth Money Manager Magazine and the Robb Report—Worth Magazine. More recently, Ron was named one of Investopedia’s “Top 100 Financial Advisors” and R. W. Rogé & Company was named a “Top Advisory Firm” by Ron’s articles have been published in numerous publications, including the Financial Times, Newsday, Journal of Retirement Planning and Investment Advisor Magazine. He is the author of The Banker and the Fisherman: Lessons in Life, Wealth and Happiness in the 21st Century.

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