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Medicare Is Always Changing—Is It Time to Review your Plan?


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Anyone who has gone through the process of signing up for Medicare quickly comes to the same conclusion: It’s complicated! Even if you’re already enrolled, plans and regulations may change, as well as your personal health needs, so it’s a good idea to review your policy every year—long before the annual open enrollment period in the late fall. In today’s episode, James Donnelly, a Certified Medicare Advisor, explains not only Medicare basics, but offers valuable insights and information that cut though the deluge of mailings, phone calls, marketing pitches and commercials we’re exposed to every year. He will talk about how to make sure a plan fits your needs; how you can switch coverage during special enrollment periods (even if you don’t think you can); and how you can qualify for extra financial assistance or programs to help pay for coverage. The host of a regular “Medicare Monday” podcast, James will offer examples of specific scenarios from his wide-ranging experiences, including advice about avoiding Medicare scams. “Where you get the facts matters,” he says. “Education is everything.”

Guest description: 

James Donnelly is the CEO and Founder of Safe Haven Insurance Agency, whose goal is to help individuals and families plan quality Medicare, life insurance, and retirement solutions. Previously, he worked as an independent insurance agent after serving as a financial representative for Northwestern Mutual.  For 20 years, James was Vice President for Operations for the Landcare Group, a full-service Long Island-based landscaping company. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from SUNY Farmingdale.

Contact: james@safehaveninsuranceagency.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safehaveninsurance

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-donnelly 69b14049/

Instagram: @jamesvdonnelly

Website:  www.safehaveninsuranceagency.com

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