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Want to Age in Place But You’re Not Sure How? NAIPC Can Help

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There’s no place like home—especially as folks get older.  A recent AARP survey found that more than three-quarters of adults aged 50 and older want to stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible, yet many don’t see that happening. Enter NAIPC—the National Aging In Place Council. This organization was founded on the belief that although an overwhelming majority of Americans say they want to age in place, they lack awareness of the resources, services and expertise that make independent living possible. In today’s conversation with Host Ron Roel, Tara Ballman, Program Director for NAIPC, will explain how this organization has grown to provide a dynamic network of 400 members who are experts in health care, financial services, elder law design, home remodeling and dozens of other fields dedicated to supporting seniors. Tara, who has worked in the aging services market for almost two decades, is passionate about connecting and supporting professionals serving older Americans. She’ll talk about the array of valuable NAIPC resources, including virtual educational programs, seminars and events, practical tools and downloadable guides on the organization’s website, and a nationwide directory of service providers that people can search by geographic area. Just as we make plans to go to college and pursue a career, we need to start thinking about a plan to age in place before we retire. And Tara will show us how NAIPC can open the window to that plan.

Guest description:

Tara Ballman is Program Director for the National Aging in Place Council, an organization dedicated to providing seniors with the education and resources they need to comfortably age in the lifestyle and community of their choosing.  Having worked in the aging services marketplace since 2003, Tara is passionate about connecting and supporting professionals who serve older Americans.  She is responsible for providing programming for 14 NAIPC chapters and 400 members across the country, creating a dynamic network of experts and resources in more than 50 key service areas.

Contact:  taraballman@gmail.com

For more information about the National Aging In Place Council, check out the organization’s website,  www.ageinplace.org.  You’ll find loads of information about NAIPC resources, including:

  • Virtual educational programs, seminars and events
  • Informative articles about current topics
  • Practical tools and downloadable guides
  • A nationwide directory of experts, searchable  by geographic area.

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