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Meet the “Amaezing” Mae Caime, former Ms. New York Senior America

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Just over a year ago, Mae Caime was crowned Ms. New York Senior America for 2023.
But the contest was not a beauty pageant. Rather, it was a competition based on talent and presentation skills, and  this recognition was a crowning achievement of Mae’s long and illustrious career—one that is still unfolding with originality, excitement and adventure. In today's episode, Mae will unfold her remarkable journey as a visionary in the fields of health and business that has led to her position as CEO of aMAEzing Midlife & Beyond, which she launched to empower women, dispel ageism and support transformational change in both their personal and business paths. Beginning her career as a Registered Nurse in pediatrics and the ER, she leveraged her ability to perform under the most intense situations into a foundation as successful administrator in healthcare, building multimillion-dollar health enterprises, turning struggling organizations into premier practices, creating cohesive team environments, and pioneering new concepts. Indeed, Mae’s portfolio of positions has grown to include action coach, healthy lifestyle expert, corporate trainer, event director and keynote speaker—not to mention her involvement in numerous community charities and worldwide medical missions. There has been much success, but many challenges, too. Mae will share how she has dealt with risk and pushed herself out of her comfort zone—and now supports and encourages women to do the same, stepping out to learn new skills for personal and professional growth. Live with energy, action and purpose, she says, and remember that it is never too late to rise up “from role to soul.”

Guest description: 

Mae Caime is a dynamic CEO with over 35 years of experience in building multimillion-dollar health enterprises. Her formal titles are Registered Nurse, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Treasurer to Blue Star Moms NY6, and the Ms. New York Senior America for 2023. A  timeless visionary, Mae’s success as an event director and keynote speaker has her audience engaged, always providing great takeaways, whether for fundraising events, retreats or her annual “aMaezing Midlife and Beyond” Women’s summit. As an action coach, Mae encourages women to embark on a journey of self-discovery, navigate transformative paths, establish healthy boundaries, indulge in guilt-free self-care, and pursue soulful fulfillment—all while gaining the confidence and courage to effect positive changes. Mae discovered age-defying benefits in body, mind, and soul despite facing challenges like Lupus and Hashimoto’s disease, and loves sharing her secret recipe for well-being. She is an adventurous fitness advocate, networking queen, and lover of red wine conversations. Mae is also a Girlie Girl with a passion for glam looks, fashion, and skincare. Her spiritual faith guides her in all she pursues. Community service is integral to Mae's identity, and she finds immense joy in participating in medical missions worldwide. Through charitable organizations, she makes a difference by providing food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care to children, women and men. Her commitment is unwavering—to inspire, support, and remind women that it is never too late to live vibrantly, with fulfillment and purpose.

Contact: mae@amaezingmidlife.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mae.caime

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maecaime/  

Instagram: @amaezing_midlifeandbeyond

Website: www.amaezingmidlifeandbeyond.com

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