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Solving the Climate Crisis: A Worthy Goal for Our Elder Years


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As we continue to celebrate Older Americans Month, we often ponder our legacy as we age—not only our personal legacy, but the larger legacy we want to leave for our planet. We know that climate change is a huge challenge, and many of us are feeling “climate anxiety,” worrying whether we have the time, technologies and political fortitude to preserve the earth for future generations. We do. In today’s episode we talk with energy and environmental policy specialist Dr. John Berger, author of “Solving the Climate Crisis: Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth.” Dr. Berger, who spent more than six years researching his book, traveling the nation and abroad to interview scientists, engineers, energy experts, business leaders and policy makers, will explain his three-pronged approach to addressing climate change: Technological (moving quickly) to 100% renewable energy through innovation; Ecological (enhancing and protecting natural ecosystems); and Social (updating and creating new laws, policies and economic measures). He’ll highlight new technologies such as “green steel” and “green concrete,” and dispel some of the myths about the obstacles to combating the climate crisis. We already have the scientific knowledge, entrepreneurial acumen and financial strength to reinvent ourselves, Dr. Berger says, and we can show the rest of the world what a prosperous and emissions-free nation could look like.

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John J. Berger, Ph.D. is an environmental science and policy specialist, prize-winning author, and journalist. His new book is “Solving the Climate Crisis: Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth” (Seven Stories Press). A graduate of Stanford and the University of California, he has written and edited 11 books, including three previous books on climate change, and written over 100 articles on climate change and transitioning to clean energy. His journalism has appeared in Scientific American, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and others. He has been a consultant to the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, corporations, utilities, and the U.S. Congress, as well as a newspaperman, editor, and a professor at the University of Maryland. John co-founded the Nuclear Information and Resource Service to assist citizen safe-energy groups and founded Restoring the Earth, to bring environmental restoration to national attention. He lives in El Cerrito, Calif.




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