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A Distinguished Jurist Reflects Back—and Forward—on Her Career


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As we close out Women’s History Month, we talk with the Hon. Gail Prudenti, who reflects on her continually ground-breaking career as a distinguished jurist, law school dean and now partner of a boutique New York law firm. Judge Prudenti was the first woman to hold a number of judicial posts in New York State, including the Presiding Justice of the Appellate for the Second Judicial Department. Subsequently, she serves as New York’s Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts, supervising the operation of the statewide court system, with 3,600 state and local judges and 15,000 non-judicial employees. Judge Parenti will assess the challenges older women have faced in the workforce, especially the courts. She’ll describe her dynamic tenure as dean of Hofstra University’s Maurice A Deane School of Law, spearheading its 50th anniversary celebration and her multi-faceted efforts to strengthen the school. And she’ll discuss how her wide range of experiences in the legal system has shaped her perspective over the years, and the importance of the public confidence in the courts and other public institutions.

Guest Description

Gail Prudenti joined Burner Prudenti Law as Partner in August 2023. She has distinguished herself as a well-respected jurist and hands-on administrator throughout a judicial career that lasted more than two decades. Judge Prudenti served as the Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts of New York State, having been appointed by Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman on December 1, 2011. As Chief Administrative Judge, she supervised the administration and operation of the statewide court system, with a budget of over $2.7 billion, 3,600 state and locally paid judges and 15,000 non-judicial employees in over 350 court facilities.  Previously, she served as the Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department in New York State, the first woman to hold that position. Before that, she was the first woman from Suffolk County to serve as an Associate Justice of the Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department. From 2017 to 2023, Judge Prudenti served as the tenth dean of Hofstra Law. As Dean, Judge Prudenti spearheaded the Law School’s 50th anniversary celebration and Vision 2020 capital campaign, which raised $22 million, far surpassing the stretch goal of $17.5 million. During her deanship, Judge Prudenti successfully improved the quality and credentials of the student body; strengthened the Law School’s financial standing; launched cutting-edge legal tech and interdisciplinary programs; and helped create the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council at the Law School. In her various leadership roles, Judge Prudenti has developed innovative programs and instituted many initiatives to enhance the administration of justice and promote the public’s trust and confidence in the courts. In April 2020, Judge Prudenti was appointed to a newly established COVID-19 Recovery Task Force to oversee the pro bono network of lawyers who would assist New Yorkers suffering from the pandemic. Judge Prudenti earned her law degree from the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland. She graduated from Marymount College of Fordham University with honors. She is also a Founding Member of Mediation Solutions of NY, a women-owned business which provides in-person and virtual mediation and arbitration services for attorneys and their clients across Long Island and New York City. She lives with her husband and fellow lawyer and former Suffolk County Attorney, Robert J. Cimino, in Great River, Long Island.


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