February 19, 2024

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A Remarkable Saga of Career Reinvention—Across 50 Years


Episode description:  

Hudson Cooper is proof-positive that career reinvention can be a lifelong enterprise—past our 50s and continuing well into our so-called “retirement” years. Hudson initially thought he would have a career in medicine and then law, but fortuitous events led him to a stint writing sports books for young adults and doing stand-up comedy. And that, in turn, led to an acting career which landed him roles in numerous movies and TV shows like “Law and Order,” “Madame Secretary” and “Bull.” In today’s episode, Hudson recounts the latest twists and turns of his career, first, as the writer of a wry and incisive newspaper column, “Random Thoughts,” for an upstate New York newspaper, and most recently, the host of a unique radio show, “ShowBuzz,” which recounts his behind-the-scenes experiences and stories with Hollywood celebrities and insiders. Hudson will share his own story of how his show was created and how he puts together refreshing and candid interviews each week with a wide-ranging roster of writers, directors and actors from across his career. Through it all, Hudson offers us lessons in persistence, resilience, humility and risk-taking—and the readiness to leap when life’s unexpected opportunities arise.

Guest description:

Hudson Cooper is a writer, newspaper columnist, radio show host and professional actor who has appeared in many movies, including The Accidental Husband, Jumper and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. On television he had recurring roles on five network television shows, including “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” “Madame Secretary” and “Bull.”  Several years ago, he resumed his writing career as a weekly columnist for the Sullivan County Democrat in upstate New York. His widely popular column, “Random Thoughts,” presents his uniquely wry and incisive view of contemporary American life and culture. Most recently he launched a weekly radio show, “Showbuzz,” on Catskills News Talk radio, where he reveals rarely-heard stories and behind-the-scenes experiences with a diverse array of actors, writers, directors and producers he’s worked with over the years. As a comedian his sketch comedy group played in numerous clubs including Stand-Up NY. He is the author of many sports books for young adults and was a columnist for Microsoft Kids magazine.

Contact: hudcoop@aol.com



Here are links to a sampling of Hudson's recent "Random Thoughts" column, which appears weekly in the Sullivan County Democrat newspaper in upstate New York:




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