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How to Get Long-term Care—Without Pulling Your Family Apart!


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When we think about our later years, we know that because we’re living longer these days, we need to create a realistic financial plan for retirement—to make sure we don’t run out of money. But we still have a hard time talking about how to deal with long-term needs, even though the data show that two-thirds of us will need some sort of care after age 65. And we also have trouble facing the fact that adult children often become the caretakers and decision-makers for aging parents—and that a lack of planning can ruin our families. In today’s episode, Carroll Golden, a renowned expert in the field of extended and long-term care planning, offers a pragmatic, but personal and refreshingly accessible approach to this complicated and emotional subject. Carrol, the author of “How Not to Pull Your Family Apart: A Practical Guide to Caregiving and Financial Stability,” will spell out her three-step guide that provides a multi-generational approach to proactive planning, enabling families to gather information, put together a planning process, and structure a care planning team. She’ll unpack the emotional obstacles to effective family communication and present specific financial options to help families sort through the maze of alternatives. Ultimately, Carroll’s goal is to help us avoid the handwringing of uncertainty and live our best possible lives as we age.

Guest description:

Carroll Golden is an executive, best-selling author, and public speaker focused on improving the knowledge base of both advisors and families about planning in advance for extended care needs. She is Executive Director of the Specialty Centers at the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), including the Limited and Extended Care Planning Center. Carroll is dedicated to helping both professionals and potential caregivers create and fund a plan for extended care by providing guidance, effective strategies, expertise, actionable information, and resources. “How Not To Tear Your Family Apart ” is an industry resource for professionals which addresses the challenges of working with today’s aging population. “How Not To Pull Your Family Apart, A Practical Guide to Caregiving and Financial Stability,” focuses on educating individuals and multigenerational families about insurance and non-insurance options to fund and plan for care needs. She is a frequent speaker across numerous professional benefits and financial services organizations.

 Contact:     carroll@thecaringconversation.com


 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecaringconversation

 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carrollgolden/

Website: www.thecaringconversation.com


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