December 25, 2023

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(Encore) SALSA: San Antonio’s “Secret Sauce” to Promoting Successful Aging


Episode Description:  

Most of us are well acquainted with salsa—the spicy mixture of tomato and chili sauce we enjoy with tortilla chips at Mexican restaurants and at parties with friends. But now we can learn about another kind of SALSA—no, not the Latin dance, but a zesty Texas-based initiative known as Successful Aging and Living in San Antonio—SALSA, for short. In today’s episode, we talk with Jane Paccione, the Managing Director of Collective Impact for the San Antonio Area Foundation, which created SALSA with the mission of transforming the community by advancing practices that improve the quality of life of older adults. A passionate and insightful advocate, Jane will explain how SALSA “brings everyone to the table”—connecting businesses, nonprofits, and government entities—thus creating a movement that turns collaboration into “collective impact,” an approach that is more likely to solve complex problems. She’ll describe the work of SALSA partners on issues such as housing, transportation, social engagement, health, and caregiver support. She’ll also talk about “Reframing Aging,” a key national initiative designed to change the narrative about what aging means, combat ageist stereotypes and language, and improve the public’s understanding of the many ways that older people contribute to our society.

Guest Description:

Jane Paccione is the Managing Director of Collective Impact at the San Antonio Area Foundation and leads the initiative known as SALSA – Successfully Aging and Living in San Antonio. She works with over 100 individuals and 40+ cross-sector organizations all committed to a vision of a community where older adults are respected, thrive, and enjoy connected lives. Jane previously served as the President and CEO of Ride Connect Texas, a local non-profit organization focused on increasing transportation opportunities for older adults and people with disabilities. In 2021 the San Antonio Business Journal selected Jane as an inaugural Diversity and Inclusion honoree recognizing her efforts in the areas of age and disability inclusion. She has also been recognized for her hard work and commitment to excellence in the private sector when she received the Texas Governor’s Entrepreneurship Award. In addition to her work with the San Antonio Area Foundation, Jane serves as an advisory council member for the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics, at UT Health San Antonio, working to ensure that students are both knowledgeable about the principles of health care ethics and remain sensitive to the patient’s experience. She currently is the board chair of disABILITYsa, a local nonprofit focused on making San Antonio the #1 community where people with disabilities want to live, learn, work, and play.



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You can learn more about SALSA, the Successful Aging and Living in San Antonio initiative, at the San Antonio Area Foundation website:

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