December 18, 2023

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During This Time of Turbulence, a Rabbi Offers Interfaith Wisdom


Episode Description

As we close out another year and welcome in a new one, it’s an opportune time to pause and contemplate where we are in our lives, personally and as a nation. Are we happy and productive as we move into our later years? Spiritually fulfilled? How are we dealing with our challenges and crises? Are we finding ways to come together in community, to discuss and resolve differences, and move forward? In today’s episode, we talk with Rabbi Robert S.Widom of Temple Emanuel of Great Neck, New York, who has been senior rabbi at the synagogue since 1969.  Rabbi Widom has long promoted the development of strong community, promoting moral values while supporting a diversity of beliefs and opinions that make up America. He’ll reflect on his long tenure at Temple Emanuel, his experiences as a spiritual leader navigating turbulent times. As we celebrate a holiday season for many faiths, Rabbi Widom will describe his continual efforts to promote interfaith collaboration and dialogue through the Long Island Ethnic Coalition of Faith Partners—bringing together Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu and Muslim groups. And he’ll describe his congregation’s highly-regarded lecture program, created to present a wide range of events and intellectual thought that reaches out to people, regardless of their background.

Guest Description:

Dr. Robert S. Widom is Senior Rabbi of Temple Emanuel of Great Neck, New York. He received his undergraduate degree from New York University in history and philosophy. He was ordained at the New York school of the Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion, where he received an earned doctorate for his work in explicating a little-known area of Polish-Jewish history. He was invited to join the faculty of the School of Education of the Hebrew Union College, and taught history and philosophy. He currently serves on the Town of North Hempstead’s Board of Ethics, a position he has held since April 15, 1975. Several years ago, Rabbi Widom organized an association of faith partners composed of Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu and Muslim groups.



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