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When the Next Crisis Hits the Fan, Will You Be Ready? 

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We’re not a country that likes to plan much—more often, Americans rely on their wits to get  out of a crisis. Yet as the pace of social and economic change — not to mention climate change — has accelerated over the last several decades, so, too, have the number of crises we face in our lifetime. Many of these situations may not be foreseeable or preventable, but they may be more manageable,  if we take the time to put a crisis management plan in place. In this episode, host Ron Roel talks with Linda Fostek, an internationally recognized speaker, author and expert in crisis planning, who will help us successfully manage the personal and natural crises that we will inevitably face, and as she puts it, “Get off the Worry-go-Round.” Linda lays out the four stages of preparation; describe how to create your own ICE (In Case of Emergency) files; and  identify who needs to know about your plan, and what they need to know about it. She offers examples of plans that have helped avert crises, and cases where lack of planning has led to dire consequences. As a member of her regional Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Linda also talks about how crisis-management plans can be applied across communities, bringing together people and resources to help recovery efforts —and often save lives. Her approach to planning —inspired by her late father—has been to face crises with one mindset: Be part of the solution, instead of part of the problem.

Guest description:

Linda Fostek is a best-selling author, international speaker, and crisis planning consultant. Carrying on her late father’s legacy, Linda helps people facilitate recovery, avoid conflict and control chaos in the face of personal and natural disasters. She is the author of several books, including And Now What? and The Crisis Planner HOME System, and is the host of The Linda Fostek Show—Get off the Worry-Go-Round on the Bold Brave Media network. Linda is a member of The One Philosophy Founders Circle and Awakening GIANTS mission for global transformation; a founding board member of The Caregivers Resource Network; and a member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for Suffolk County, N.Y. Linda has  appeared on numerous local TV, radio shows and podcasts, and has made stage presentations in India, England, and Cuba. She is also creator of The Science Labs, a learning program for young children, designed to cultivate imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills that can make the world a better place—now and in the future.



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