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Encore - Is There Unexpected Treasure Amid the Clutter in Your House?  


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If you’re downsizing your lifestyle, or retiring and moving to a new community—or simply trying clear out clutter to give yourself some breathing space—you’ve probably wondered if there are unseen treasures amid all the stuff you’ve collected over the years. Well, then, you should meet Keith Allibone. The owner of Good’s Vintage & Antiques, Keith got his first lessons in the  trade from his father, a lifelong antiques expert who dragged him to flea markets in the early mornings of his youth. After initial forays into a few other businesses, Keith gradually forged his own path by scouring flea markets himself—as well as moving sales, auctions, sidewalk and yard sales, scrapyards, and cluttered houses—perhaps like yours. In today’s episode, Keith will talk about how he searches for the “diamonds in the rough,” whether vintage watches or fine, hand-crafted furniture from another era. He’ll share encounters with some memorable customers, and stories of unique pieces with equally unique histories. He’ll also offer advice and organizing strategies for homeowners, to help separate pieces of value from the merely pedestrian, what’s worth keeping or selling, and what you should donate or just throw away. And last, he’ll offer his perspective on how the online world is reshaping the antiques business, and what it means for both buyers and sellers, all those captivated by the financial and emotional rewards of treasure-hunting.

Guest description:

Keith Allibone is the owner and CEO of Good’s Vintage & Antiques. Keith grew up in the antiques industry, learning from his father, a lifelong expert in the field, and he has been buying and selling vintage and antique items for the best part of the last 15 years. The business has developed into a retail location with five employees in South Philadelphia’s Italian Market, another brick-and-mortar location in Brooklyn, New York, as well as an active online marketplace. Keith is always on the hunt for his next great find, meeting with clients across the Northeast, including in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

Contact: goodsvintagephilly@gmail.com  



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