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The End-of-Life Journey: Transforming Sorrow into Celebration

Episode Description:

Helping a loved one prepare for the end of life is uncharted territory for many families. But this challenge is also part of life’s journey which provides a unique opportunity to support and honor your loved ones. In this unusually open and inspiring conversation,  Susan Capurso, an End-of-Life Doula, and Lisa Strahs-Lorenc, a death and dying advocate, discuss how they guide individuals and families emotionally, practically, and spiritually through this difficult phase to a place of calm, peace and acceptance—and yes, celebration. Susan and Lisa also offer unique courses and workshops to help people—no matter what their age—create a legacy of their life through written remembrances, recorded audio and video stories, scrapbooks and other vehicles so current and future generations will be able to remember and cherish them for who they are. And they provide an array of resources and strategies that enable individuals to live life fully after the loss of a loved one, to move on, accept and discover their own journey.

Featured Guests:

Susan Capurso is an End-of-Life Doula who offers support and guidance for individuals and their families as they navigate the journey before, during and after the end of life. After losing 14 people in her life during a short time span, Susan set out on a mission to change the way we see death and dying and helps to facilitate a more loving and peaceful passing. The author of four books, Susan is also a Legacy Creator, specializing in helping people assemble their stories and memories for generations to come. She’s a volunteer for Hospice, a patient advocate, and adjunct professor, with a seat on the In-Patient Experience Committee at Stony Brook University Hospital in Eastern Long Island.  Susan offers educational videos on a YouTube channel and is a digital course creator. Her work has been featured in several major publications, including Newsday and The New York Post, as well as several online articles and blogs. She also has been interviewed numerous times on local cable television shows and radio shows.

Lisa Strahs-Lorenc is a death and dying advocate and consultant, with a background in grief counseling and teaching. She is the author of two books—Pancreatic Cancer: It’s a Family  Affair and Pancreatic Cancer: Families Move On—and she offers private “Moving On” counseling sessions online. The stories in her books illustrate that life goes on, not as these families had planned, but in ways that may have surprised them. Lisa has been featured in many publications, and her knowledge and expertise has earned her many awards and recognitions throughout her career.


Susan Capurso

Lisa Strahs-Lorenc


Additional resources:

 Susan Capurso’s tool kit for the End-of-Life journey:

  • Online digital courses, “Coming Full Circle” “and Peaceful Passing”
  • One-on-One End of Life Guidance sessions
  • Books to guide you through an end-of-life journey

Order books by Lisa Strahs-Lorenc:

  • Pancreatic Cancer: It’s a Family AffairPancreatic Cancer: Families Move On

International End of Life Doula Association, a nonprofit organization with a national directory of doulas, training and certification.

The National End-of-Life Doula Alliance, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to supporting end-of-life doulas and families they serve

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