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Judy Light Ayyildiz

OUR WORLD CONTINUOUSLY SHRINKS, bringing us closer each day through the Internet, connecting technologies, and international recipes. Still, nothing beats Being There, darling.

Years ago, when I would fly to Istanbul to see relatives, I used to bring along a hoard of materials. But today, global political conditions require tighter travel restrictions, so I’m conservative about carry-on and check in—whether crossing the waves or my Blue Ridge Mountains.

How do I do it? Well, ladies, first, I choose two colors of mix and match clothing, adding scarves and jewelry for variety. After paring down my choices to one dressy, one dress-up, jeans, a white blouse, sweater—and so forth like that—I choose comfortable shoes that go with the dressy and the all-purpose jeans. Great walking shoes are a must—and cheap plastic Totes or flip-flops for nasty weather. Wear a cap and coat onto the plane, especially for long trips that are not to the Caribbean. (Guys, adjust the above recipe to suit yourself—literally.)

Whether the trip is long or short, stuff into your shoes (fill the gap) three pairs of socks and underwear.  Once washed, they dry overnight and you’re wearing the fourth.  Use panty liners and sun-block stick, and take along only fake diamonds.  If the plane doesn’t quite make its destination or has a “water landing,” your loved ones are left more than just a precious memory. Umbrellas, you can always find for a few dollars. Save room for items you will buy, or leave some things behind for hotel maids. Inside your luggage, rolled-up clothes are economy and efficiency personified. In my carry-on with wheels, bulky shoes go into plastic bags at the bottom.

Never take chances on buying prescription medicines elsewhere. Bring them.Those belong in the top of the carry-on in a waterproof, sturdy zip baggie. Since your favorite brand may be pricey or non-existent on foreign turf, count vitamins out according to the trip’s duration, put them into separately labeled small zips, and add them to the prescription bag, where you quickly see what you need. In the quart-size zip required at security, include creams, eye drops, and lip balm in re-useable smaller zips or sample bottles. Simple, yes?

So carry on less, but make smart choices. And happy travels, wherever you may roam!

Judy Light Ayyildiz is a longtime educator, teacher of creative writing courses for young people, and the author of 10 books, including her latest novel, Forty Thorns, a tale about the rise of modern Turkey and a very special heroine who lives through the country’s evolution and tumult. Learn more about Judy’s work at her website: www.judylightayyildiz.com.

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