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DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT CONSULTING IT  George Haber A FEW YEARS AGO, MY WIFE AND I decided to visit Las Vegas and I wondered what there was to do for us non-gamblers—other than gawk at the over-the-top hotels and observe our fellow tourists lose their money. Turning to an online resource I had [...]

Easy Travel Tips for a Small World

PARE DOWN,  FOCUS ON ESSENTIALS Judy Light Ayyildiz OUR WORLD CONTINUOUSLY SHRINKS, bringing us closer each day through the Internet, connecting technologies, and international recipes. Still, nothing beats Being There, darling. Years ago, when I would fly to Istanbul to see relatives, I us[...]

The Power of Iguassu Falls

A JOURNEY INTO THE DEVIL'S THROAT Paula Ann Murphy OUR SHIP ARRIVED EARLY as the fog rose in Paranagua, Brazil.  After hiking in the mist, we rode to the Curituba airport and boarded a chartered aircraft destined for Iguassu Falls.  The falls are on the Parana, a river that separates Brazil from[...]

The Four-Legged Fountain of Youth

ADOPTING A SECOND DOG, AND BEING THE ONE RESCUED Ken Taub FOR THE SAKE OF LOOKING OR ACTING YOUNGER, we adults tend to do a lot of strange things:  eye and face lifts, testosterone patches, yogic headstands, or adventure treks to Nepal. But imagine if we could stay close to home, stay on our [...]