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Reaping the Rewards of Generosity

THE  BASICS  OF GIFTING AND GIFT TAXES Linda M. Toga Whether it’s better to give or receive depends on the person—and the circumstances. And although circumstances vary, there are some basic facts that can assist you when considering the upside of gifting. Under current federal law, everybody[...]

Unintentionally Undoing Your Will

 THE CONSEQUENCES OF ‘SIMPLE CONVENIENCE’  Jennifer Cona RECENTLY, A CLIENT ASKED ME TO REVIEW HER WILL  to make sure that her two children would inherit equally from her estate. She has two children: Jim, who lives locally and is the “go-to” person when she needs help; and Susan, who lives out [...]

Family & Caring for Older Parents

SEEKING HELP. AND FINDING IT. Tricia O’Hare IN TODAY’S SOCIETY, THE “SANDWICH GENERATION” often finds itself pulled in two directions, providing help for both younger and older members of their families.  Our children, now returning from college, are having a hard time finding work, so they’re b[...]