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The Playground Rules

WE ONLY THINK WE LEFT IT Jennifer Ott Games We Still Play MY FAVORITE GAME AS A CHILD WAS DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE. There was suspense and the thrill of the chase. Others may have preferred hide-and-seek, but that could get really boring if you were good at hiding. Dodgeball seemed incredibly cruel [...]


FINDING THE LIGHT WITHIN A DARK PAST Ellen Watters Sullivan SITTING WITH MY FATHER IN THE TINY HOSPITAL IN ABBEVILLE, LOUISIANA, I counted to the rhythm of the breathing machine. He would gasp and cough, but smiled most of the time. He seemed to feel better with the oxygen and painkillers, but w[...]

Men Come With Warning Labels

SOME EVEN TELL THE TRUTH Robert Levithan “MEN COME WITH WARNING LABELS,” my friend Sally Fisher wisely quipped. “They are like cigarette packs. Read the label and apply the information or suffer the possible consequences.” I had a date yesterday, a real date — conversation over soup. He is sm[...]

And the Cut Crystal Goes To...

PASSING ON PERSONAL PROPERTY—WITHOUT THE ANGST Linda M. Toga ONE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT TASKS FACING AN ESTATE’S EXECUTOR is dividing up the personal property that his or her parents accumulated over a lifetime. Although wills frequently direct the executor to divide personal property “equally[...]