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My Own Personal Mashup

ON BEING LARGELY LATINO–BEFORE IT WAS EVEN POPULAR Ron Roel Growing up in the ’50s, my brothers and I were enthralled by the legendary frontiersman, Davy Crockett. We acted out pitched battles with the Creek Indians in our back yard, sang the popular theme song ("Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the[...]

Confessions of a Professional Optimist

TURNING LEMONS NOT INTO LEMONADE, BUT CHAMPAGNE Robert Levithan I TRY TO HIDE IT, but most of the time I am my Father’s son, and his glass was neither half-empty nor half-full–it was overflowing. His generation of our family overcame poverty, prejudice and struggle. They experienced a Depress[...]

The Dad Chronicles

AFTER WORLD WAR II, CONQUERING ARIZONA WASN'T SO BAD Andrea S. Gould This is the second chapter of Andrea Gould’s personal saga of moving her 94-year-old father from New York City to Arizona. Her first chapter, "Moving Dad to Tucson," appeared earlier this year on RoelResources.com. THERE'S A[...]

Hell Heat and Elephant Skin

AGING WITH GRACE? ME, I’M A LITTLE PISSED OFF, TO BE HONEST Terri Connett Fifty is not nifty, it’s the new I’m Screwed. It’s not the new 40.  It’s certainly not the new 30.  Being in your 50s is a punch to the gut. Oh sure, the signs of aging are gradual, but the minute your first, unsoli[...]

What I’m Willing to Let Go Of

POCKETWATCHES, PHOTOS, THE HOUSE, ARTIFACTS. AND OLD GIRLFRIENDS. Curtis Seltzer I began thinking about attachments after I was unable to open one that tagged behind an incoming email. Some attachments of this type are as friendly as pups looking to be adopted. Others are inexplicably hostile a[...]

Thinking Inside the Box

A GIFT TO THOSE TYING UP YOUR LOOSE ENDS  Curtis Seltzer CERTAIN OBLIGATIONS HAVE BEEN REARING THEIR UGLY HEADS as I get closer to completing my passage, instead of simply moving from one year to the next in a gerontological form of social promotion. During the last few weeks, my wife, Meliss[...]

Moving Dad to Tucson

A FAMILY’S CHALLENGES OF HEART AND MIND Andrea S. Gould ON CHRISTMAS DAY, MY DAD CAME TO LIVE WITH ME IN TUCSON. Sounds simple—until we de-construct that sentence. The journey began November 1st, when my sister, who lived in New York near my father, delivered a short message on my voice mail.[...]