Family & Self

So Where Would Home Be Now?

WHEN YOUR HEART IS YOUR MAP MJ Hanley-Goff I remember it well. I was driving along the Cross-Bronx Expressway on a three-hour ride back to my Hudson Valley home from Long Island, after an evening of game-playing with my nephew’s boys. It was winter. My mind wandered, as it does on long drives[...]

The Elegant Blond Bitch

THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. SO I DON’T WORRY. Robert Levithan I LIVE WITH AN OVEREDUCATED BITCH. Sophie is beautiful. She’s an elegant blond with a bit of Grace Kelly hauteur. She has shared my bed for almost five years. She has the equivalent of a Ph.D. She is often photographed and has appeared in [...]

Listening, Finally

JUST WHEN WE THINK WE KNOW THE HEART OF ANOTHER, WE FIND OUT THERE’S MORE TO LEARN Scott Wilson My wife Michelle loves Mary Chapin Carpenter. Last year, we put one of her albums in my car’s CD player and listened to some of it. It didn’t speak to me, I said as much, and Michelle never asked to [...]

So What’s Your Story?

EVERY LIFE HAS A MEMOIR WORTH TELLING Curtis Seltzer I discovered late in life that everyone has a story that’s worth telling–because every story has something worth knowing. Every life has moments when something is done or not done: a decision to bail or stick; an act of kindness[...]

If Only It Were True

IF ONLY IT WERE TRUE Ken Taub ONCE UPON A TIME, a very famous, and beloved, TV bigot suggested that to stop all airplane hijackings we simply arm all the passengers. That line, uttered in 1972 by "All in the Family’s" Archie Bunker, got the big laugh that an absurd solution to [...]

Crossing the Borderline

THE LONG ROAD FROM A HARD CHILDHOOD TO A SOFT LANDING Dawn Elisabeth I have a story to tell. Lots of other people have the same story -- imaginary people like Cinderella and Batman, and lots of real people too -- the kind of story that starts off sad and ends happy. The purpose of the story isn’[...]

Online Dating? Not for Me.

I’M NOT HEADIN’ INTO THE WOODS WITH ANY OF THESE FELLAS Terri Connett I haven’t been on a date in two years. Maybe three. I do miss the good bits of being in a relationship, so after some encouragement from friends, I joined OurTime – the online dating site for the over-50 cro[...]