A Better Life

Transcending the River

BECOMING AN ESCAPE ARTIST FROM THE CHAIN OF NUMBERS. AND THE FLOW OF TIME. Ken Taub SOMETIMES IN YOGA CLASS, I can feel every blessed stressed joint and frayed cartilage. The accumulated hitches speak up, and loudly. But there are other times when I’m merely a body in motion, and there’s just[...]

Exploring Assisted Living

YOU SEND YOUR KIDS TO COLLEGE. WHY CAN’T YOUR PARENTS ENJOY ‘CAMPUS’ LIVING? Maria Leonardo MOVING IS NEVER EASY–AT ANY AGE. Now, think about that exponentially:  What if you’re in your 70s or 80s and know that things will not be the same, going forward. You’ve lived with a spouse in your hom[...]

The Art of Sincerity

WHAT OUR ELDERS CAN TEACH US ABOUT SALES – AND LIFE Andrew Rudin About four months after the economic meltdown of 2008, in January of 2009, I received a very brief letter that hit me like a breath of fresh, unpretentious and un-digitized air.  It was so clean and straightforward, I just had to s[...]

A Medicine of Oneness

KNOWING THAT OUR NEEDS–AND DREAMS–ARE UNIVERSAL, AND ACTING WITH THAT KNOWLEDGE Katie Hamilton Shaffer It’s not every day that the Dalai Lama presents an award for compassion to an American dentist. Then again, it’s not an everyday event for a Northern California couple–in this case, Rob Hamp[...]

When Your Heart Is in Your Dream

MY 60-YEAR QUEST TO BECOME A NOVELIST Patricia King AS YOU READ THIS, YOU WILL HAVE A HARD TIME FIGURING OUT IF I AM BRAGGING OR COMPLAINING. I will tell you at the end. Please don’t skip ahead. When I was nine years old, I decided to become a novelist. There were no such people in my working clas[...]

The Upside of Downsizing

HOW TO EASE THE HIGH ANXIETY OF MOVING Donna Quinn and Jeff Stone WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT, it doesn’t always make sense. Every year, surveys show that most adults ages 45 and older plan to stay in their current homes for as long as possible, mainly because, well, they’ve grown accustomed to t[...]

Gatekeepers Begone

CONTROLLING YOUR ART—AND EVERYTHING ELSE IN YOUR EMPIRE J. Michael Dolan BACK IN THE DAY, my publishing company was just down the hall from HTA, one of the top commercial talent agencies in Hollywood. I became lifelong friends with Herb Tannen, the CEO of the company. I used to walk down the hal[...]

Unclutter your House, Unclutter your Mind

SEPARATING  PERSONAL ‘TREASURES’ FROM JUNK Ron Roel THERE ARE ALWAYS LOTS OF EXCUSES for not clamping down on clutter. Mostly, we’re “too busy” doing other things to find the time to reorganize or jettison stuff we’ll probably never use again. Oh sure, we occasionally commit to a fitful day[...]

Getting Fit by Getting Eclectic

VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF EXERCISE Max Lamboy PERHAPS YOU'LL WANT TO STAND while you read this article. Too much sitting is bad. You know what they say, “You rest, you rust.” So regard this as a healthy booster shot for those on the fence or needing a pinch of inspiration. Regular exercise prev[...]