A Better Life

Net Gain

A COMMITMENT TO TENNIS EXCELLENCE, LATER IN LIFE. MUCH LATER. MJ Hanley-Goff After spending most of four decades as a magazine editor –the last seven years as editor of The New York Times Magazine—Gerald Marzorati now devotes himself to a decidedly different, but unquestionably demanding, life o[...]

Recycling Youth

BIKING ACROSS COUNTRY AT 16. THEN AT 60. AND 65. Stephen Jones When I was 16, I took a bike trip across the country, riding from New Jersey to San Francisco with a friend in 54 days. We had ridden up to Martha’s Vineyard a couple of years earlier and we thought this would be a fantastic th[...]


THE FINE ART OF RE-INVENTION, FROM AGE 40 TO 90 Ron Roel Most everyone entering the middle ages has heard the decennial trope, "Fifty is the new forty," which, naturally, has morphed into "Sixty is the new fifty," as Boomers have gotten older. But few of us have envisioned how the next few decad[...]

Fighting Like Dats and Cogs

HOW DO WE BEAT THE DRIVE TO DIVIDE? Ron Roel GROWING UP, I ALWAYS THOUGHT OF MYSELF AS A "DOG PERSON." Early on, my mother turned down many pleas to get a family dog–quite understandable, since she was already raising four sons. Eventually, however, my brothers and I prevailed. We persuaded h[...]

Life's a Ditch

UNCOVERING A DEEP-SEATED AMBITION WHILE DIGGING A TRENCH.WELL, SORT OF. Curtis Seltzer When my mother gave 14-year-old me my daily dose of advice that would help me in the future, she said: "I don’t care if you end up as a ditch-digger, just be a good one." Clearly, she was tr[...]

The Long Race

WILL POWER, PAIN AND SECOND CHANCES Lenny Mintz Why am I standing here on a cold rainy day watching young athletes run? I gave this up long ago, but here I am now with Silas. Silas is six feet-two, perhaps 150 pounds. He is long and lean, all sinew and muscle. He is a senior at Delaware Acad[...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Retirement

FROM JUMPING THE WALL TO LIVING THE DREAM Terri Connett Just imagine. You wake up every day without the jolt of your alarm.  You no longer have hundreds of daily emails you can’t deal with because you’re in endless, pointless meetings.  No silly office politics.  No more B.S Brainstorm-of-the[...]

The Longevity Challenge

IS PLANNING TO AGE 100 ENOUGH? Ronald W. Rogé SEVERAL MONTHS AGO, I was sitting in my dentist’s waiting room and spotted the cover of a National Geographic magazine, which said: THIS BABY WILL LIVE TO BE 120* *It’s not hype. New science could lead to very long lives. [...]

Transcending the River

BECOMING AN ESCAPE ARTIST FROM THE CHAIN OF NUMBERS. AND THE FLOW OF TIME. Ken Taub SOMETIMES IN YOGA CLASS, I can feel every blessed stressed joint and frayed cartilage. The accumulated hitches speak up, and loudly. But there are other times when I’m merely a body in motion, and there’s just musc[...]