Boom Goddesses


We’re hoping America is about to make history, and Roel Resources wants to be a part of empowering all women.

Founded by three diverse professionals who migrated to the Arizona desert, Boom Goddess Radio was created to inspire and help women transform their lives. Each week, the primetime three—Andrea Gould-Marks, Jennifer Davis-Paige and BB Peters—record live radio shows featuring interviews, personal stories, call-ins and conversation that illuminate the issues that touch women (and their partners) deeply: personal growth, family, relationships and sexuality, health & beauty, and creative expression.

Here are three recent BGR podcasts. Have a listen—and to hear more conversations, visit:

Fit for Life

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How one woman keeps her heart and mind functioning at maximum capacity. What’s your fitness regimen

Living Apart Together: Valuing Space in Relationships

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Options and choices within modern relationships. How much space is optimal?

Questions That Have No Right to Go Away:  A Crisis of Chaos.

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A conversation about recent events and the emotions around chaos and crisis that affect us all.