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Ron, John, Don and Len

MINING OPTIMISM FROM MEMORIES (BITTERSWEET), MUSICAL GIANTS (DECEASED) & AN OLD SOAP SALESMAN Ken Taub I remember December 9, 1980 as well as I remember November 22, 1963. Far less plugged in during my twenties than most of us are today, I had not been watching TV or listening to the radi[...]

Net Gain

A COMMITMENT TO TENNIS EXCELLENCE, LATER IN LIFE. MUCH LATER. MJ Hanley-Goff After spending most of four decades as a magazine editor –the last seven years as editor of The New York Times Magazine—Gerald Marzorati now devotes himself to a decidedly different, but unquestionably demanding, life o[...]

40 Years a Journalist

HOW FAKE NEWS BECAME A FAKE IDEA Ron Roel In more than four decades as a journalist, I’ve seen a steady stream of politicians push back against the news media. But nothing like Donald Trump. First, there was "3D Trump"–the Donald simply calling reporters "dishonest," "disgusting" or "disgrace[...]