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Family & Caring for Older Parents

SEEKING HELP. AND FINDING IT. Tricia O’Hare IN TODAY’S SOCIETY, THE “SANDWICH GENERATION” often finds itself pulled in two directions, providing help for both younger and older members of their families.  Our children, now returning from college, are having a hard time finding work, so they’re b[...]

The Low-down on Lower Back Pain

WAYS TO MANAGE—AND EVEN PREVENT—ACUTE PAINS Michael Horney LOWER BACK PAIN IS A PERVASIVE PROBLEM, afflicting 80% of adults at some point in their lives. In the past, most medical experts thought of it as an acute, painful episode that was self-limiting and would get better in time, regardles[...]

The Zen of Listening

THE ART OF ACTUALLY HEARING WHAT'S  SAID David O. Schwartz IT’S A REALITY OF NATURE.  As we age,  our hearing weakens,  along with our eyesight... and, yes,  other body parts, too. Fortunately, we can offset physical weaknesses such as hearing loss, with improvements in other skill sets, such as e[...]