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So Where Would Home Be Now?

WHEN YOUR HEART IS YOUR MAP MJ Hanley-Goff I remember it well. I was driving along the Cross-Bronx Expressway on a three-hour ride back to my Hudson Valley home from Long Island, after an evening of game-playing with my nephew’s boys. It was winter. My mind wandered, as it does on long drives[...]

Agent Cooper

AN OLD FRIEND REMAINS INTREPID–AND BECOMES SEMI-FAMOUS ALONG THE WAY A few months ago, I sat down for a cup of coffee with an old friend, Hudson Cooper–a high school buddy and an editor on my high school newspaper, where I was editor-in-chief. Hudson and I had never lost touch, not really. We had[...]

That's Ridiculuxe!

HERE’S WHAT YOU GET (MAYBE) WHEN YOU GO LOCO FOR LUXURY James Durston In a cage, in a forest, in the center of Bali, Indonesia, something resembling a cat-raccoon hybrid scratches and snuffles through piles of fresh red coffee beans. Next to the cage are a dozen small cups of hot, dark liquid[...]

Oh Yeah. The Universe.

MAKING THE BEST OF BEING SLEEPLESS IN THE SUBURBS Ken Taub I am a creative sleeper. I do not go to bed at 11:30 and wake up at 7 in the morning. Too predictable, too rote. I go to bed at 11 or 12 or 1, fall asleep fairly quickly, only to get up at 1:30 or 2:30 or 4 a.m. So rather than ca[...]

Roy. Still Here.

SOMETIMES LOVED ONES LEAVE AND DISAPPEAR. BUT THEY NEVER LEAVE, NOT REALLY. Janine di Giovanni This summer, the summer of war raging in Aleppo, and refugees pouring through Europe’s borders searching for a home, the summer of pre-election hysteria in the United States, there was a fire [...]

Recycling Youth

BIKING ACROSS COUNTRY AT 16. THEN AT 60. AND 65. Stephen Jones When I was 16, I took a bike trip across the country, riding from New Jersey to San Francisco with a friend in 54 days. We had ridden up to Martha’s Vineyard a couple of years earlier and we thought this would be a fantastic th[...]

The Elegant Blond Bitch

THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. SO I DON’T WORRY. Robert Levithan I LIVE WITH AN OVEREDUCATED BITCH. Sophie is beautiful. She’s an elegant blond with a bit of Grace Kelly hauteur. She has shared my bed for almost five years. She has the equivalent of a Ph.D. She is often photographed and has appeared in [...]

Stairway to Hong Kong Heaven

ON THE WAY UP, YOU’LL BE A VOYEUR. ON THE WAY DOWN, YOU’LL SEE ORANGUTANS. James Durston Bruce Lee. Steaming bamboo baskets of dim sum. Stroboscopic neon signs. That amazing skyline. Hong Kong’s iconic images may be easily imagined, even by people who’ve never set foot here, but there’s on[...]

Getting There. Together.

It began as a breezy summer read. A couple of months ago, I picked up The Boys in the Boat, the best-selling book by Daniel James Brown, a true account of how nine working class boys from the University of Washington took on the Ivy League rowing world, not only winning the national collegiate cr[...]

Those Other People

FINDING CALM WITHIN AMERICA’S DEMOGRAPHIC STORM Ken Taub I know, I know. Who listens? Besides, we are shouting at each other. We are anxious, jittery, uncertain. We are more than merely disgruntled, we are angry, fearful. Still, I will give it a go. Because I want to tell you something. I [...]