About Roel Resources

What are we about? ROEL RESOURCES is about you.

Specifically, if you’ve been around for 40, 50, 60 or more years, you’ve likely learned some interesting stuff and experienced some things that are worth sharing.

Like what? Like an event, or a relationship, that caused a real shift in your life, or profoundly moved you. Perhaps an adventure, or a personal triumph, so big or so transformative, you just have to share it. Or something that’s making life significantly better for the people in your town or community – we want to hear about it. How about putting some lightning in a bottle? Have an insight that really moved the needle for you? Then tell the world. Or if it’s a short piece of fiction you think worth sharing, please send it our way.

We say share it! Whether you’re a previously published writer or not… We. Want. To. Hear. From. You.

Continuing the adventure. Sharing your journey. Staying connected with one another. We’re about all of that.

p.s. The We? Ron Roel and Ken Taub are two New York-based writers who have been involved in producing and editing some rock-solid journalism that’s regional, national or global. We have, at various times, been ghost writers and social commentators, must-have information providers and purveyors of fanciful fiction. We also went to the same high school sometime after The Flood and years before the Internet and Social Media were even a thing.