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Connect. Converse. Contribute. We want to hear from you. So do your peers. You have a story to tell and life experience worth sharing — and Roel Resources is the place where you can do just that.

We’re expanding our scope — and here’s what’s new:

Our World: Where renowned journalists and everyday adventurers give you a new look at exotic locales… offer their thoughts on the state of our changing world…and share their insights & observations, private hopes & larger concerns for our collective future.

Boom Goddess Radio: Bend your ear for these very savvy & accomplished women, who offer up their own brand of enlightened information, wise guidance & tips for personal transformation via the Southwest desert—and Internet podcasts.

Ronversations: Ron Roel checks in on a regular basis to share his wry observations, frustrations, challenges and small, but no-less-significant, everyday victories, so you can acquire a new ally — and chime in to share some of your own similar (or opposing) thoughts, feelings and Big Ideas.

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