Monthly archives: September 2016

The Elegant Blond Bitch

THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. SO I DON’T WORRY. Robert Levithan I LIVE WITH AN OVEREDUCATED BITCH. Sophie is beautiful. She’s an elegant blond with a bit of Grace Kelly hauteur. She has shared my bed for almost five years. She has the equivalent of a Ph.D. She is often photographed and has appeared in [...]

Stairway to Hong Kong Heaven

ON THE WAY UP, YOU’LL BE A VOYEUR. ON THE WAY DOWN, YOU’LL SEE ORANGUTANS. James Durston Bruce Lee. Steaming bamboo baskets of dim sum. Stroboscopic neon signs. That amazing skyline. Hong Kong’s iconic images may be easily imagined, even by people who’ve never set foot here, but there’s on[...]