Monthly archives: June 2014


Why Birds Matter? Every year, in between Tax Day and May Day, millions of people celebrate Earth Day, and while I am among them, my personal appreciation for the planet does not peak until the late spring and early summer. The reason: the arrival of the birds. Many migratory birds fly thousands [...]

Reading the Lake

AFTER 30 YEARS, A SANCTUARY IS THREATENED Roberta Israeloff We didn’t meet our new neighbors at the lake until Labor Day weekend. Standing next to a blazing bonfire he’d built in a steel drum, Walter beckoned us over and introduced himself. His large belly, constantly moving eyes, and untrimmed,[...]

Bear Heart Beats and Glowing Devices

THE TIMELESSNESS OF OUR CURRENT URGENCY TO CONNECT Ken Taub It's not just convenience --or Steve Jobs-- that keeps us online and shackled to our devices. It's our DNA. How did we get here, I asked myself often. Why do we allow ourselves to be slaves to devices, chained to multiple screens [...]