Monthly archives: March 2014

It Takes A Village, People

WHEN MENTORING IS PART OF LIFE’S JOB DESCRIPTION Terri Connett MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE THE FERTILITY DRUGS LEFT ME STILL BARREN. Or it might stem from my three siblings and me being raised by our exhausted, widowed mother. We really could have used some encouragement growing up. For whatever reaso[...]

The Art of Sincerity

WHAT OUR ELDERS CAN TEACH US ABOUT SALES – AND LIFE Andrew Rudin About four months after the economic meltdown of 2008, in January of 2009, I received a very brief letter that hit me like a breath of fresh, unpretentious and un-digitized air.  It was so clean and straightforward, I just had to s[...]

Hell Heat and Elephant Skin

AGING WITH GRACE? ME, I’M A LITTLE PISSED OFF, TO BE HONEST Terri Connett Fifty is not nifty, it’s the new I’m Screwed. It’s not the new 40.  It’s certainly not the new 30.  Being in your 50s is a punch to the gut. Oh sure, the signs of aging are gradual, but the minute your first, unsoli[...]

A Medicine of Oneness

KNOWING THAT OUR NEEDS–AND DREAMS–ARE UNIVERSAL, AND ACTING WITH THAT KNOWLEDGE Katie Hamilton Shaffer It’s not every day that the Dalai Lama presents an award for compassion to an American dentist. Then again, it’s not an everyday event for a Northern California couple–in this case, Rob Hamp[...]

Indelible Views Amid the Misery

HIKING THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL (THE REAL ONE) Curtis Seltzer At the unpleasant hour of 4:16 a.m. one Monday, I woke up with the mostly pleasant realization that I would never walk the entire Appalachian Trail in one calendar year. This monkey was now off my back.  I was, however, upset that I w[...]