Monthly archives: February 2014

What I’m Willing to Let Go Of

POCKETWATCHES, PHOTOS, THE HOUSE, ARTIFACTS. AND OLD GIRLFRIENDS. Curtis Seltzer I began thinking about attachments after I was unable to open one that tagged behind an incoming email. Some attachments of this type are as friendly as pups looking to be adopted. Others are inexplicably hostile a[...]

In Search of Abby

ON FLOWERS, FRIENDS & FAREWELLS Roberta Israeloff ABBY AND I MET IN A GENTLE YOGA CLASS. " ’Gentle’ as in ’geriatric,’ " she said, as we waited on our mats for the class to begin, watching all the young girls arch their backs and touch their toes.  We both spent most of the class resting in [...]

Thinking Inside the Box

A GIFT TO THOSE TYING UP YOUR LOOSE ENDS  Curtis Seltzer CERTAIN OBLIGATIONS HAVE BEEN REARING THEIR UGLY HEADS as I get closer to completing my passage, instead of simply moving from one year to the next in a gerontological form of social promotion. During the last few weeks, my wife, Meliss[...]